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Haian 617 (CN20177329532)


The vessel is one of the existing vessels of YanTai Gangan Shipping Service Co.Ltd It is manufactured by Weihai Donghai Ship Repair and Build Co., Ltd. It was completed on October 9, 2017 and was inspected by Shandong Yantai Ship Inspection Bureau on January 2, 2019. And launched, the ship is currently operating in Yantai West Port.

The vessel is a Yantai-registered supply-type sea-going vessel with a total length of 36.1m, a width of 7.2m, a tonnage of 221 tons and a depth of 2.9m. The hull of the ship is made of steel. The vessel mainly operates in specific shipping areas, mainly for the transportation and processing of garbage for other vessels on specific routes, and the classification and storage of garbage from other vessels.

Although the vessel has only been in the water for only three short years, Haian 617 is also the most important part of the Hong Kong Security Company. It has played an important role in the "CNOOC Terminal Oil Spill" emergency drills, emergency rescue missions, and port terminal operations many times, so that it has excellent results and good reviews from other companies.

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